Final Blog: Reflection of Learning Experiences

Reflection of Learning Experiences:

My original proposal for producing seven demonstration videos for FAS325 CAD I class has been successfully accomplished in regard to Summer Teaching and Learning Grant.  I am very satisfied with completion of my proposal for the Teaching and Learning Grant because I have produced seven demonstration videos that are uploaded in Moodle for the FAS325 CAD I course and documents which will assist students and colleague for their reference. Many aspects of this course (FAS325 CAD I) involve technical know-how to manipulate the program.  With practice and skill development outside of class, both students and the instructor will be able to collaborate in more meaningful and comprehensive ways.

Learning Camtasia and Kaltura webhosting software was a goal and the Teaching and Learning Grant project helped me accomplish my goals of learning the software as a learning tool and be able to use the final products of video demonstration as a teaching tool.  In addition, I like the idea of creating these learning demonstration videos with Camtasia and webhosting Kaltura, which make that possible to enable me to spend more time with students on developing the aesthetic part of design in class rather than spending class room hours explaining residual technical information. I am thrilled and excited that I am able to utilize my video demonstration videos in my class in the fall of 2015 and be able to assess to help gauge the knowledge and skills of both students and instructors. Lastly, I also want to include some of challenges to learn software in my blog so that future teaching and learning recipient wants to use these program.

Leaning Experience I: Learning editing tools

 One challenge faced is that learning new Camtasia 8 software is both invigorating and frustrating. Taking an online course for Camtasia was the first step, writing scripts to work out the layout and format, particularly the order of events to support the production of seamless videos.  The Camtasia software is very helpful and useful to edit the videos, but requires practice in order to be able to edit them professionally. Especially “zoom-n-pan tool”, not only allowing a screen to make bigger or smaller in order to deliver to students the focused information, but permitting to produce the video with a professional look.  The other tool that I particularly enjoyed is “Callouts tool” which enable to insert written information into the specific video clip in support of communication with students directly on the screen.  The last tool is “Library”, in which I indexed many clips for my tile pages and easily accessed them to bring into the track.  There was a total of over 60 hours invested in producing these videos using this software.

Leaning Experience II: Produce and share

Once the editing is done, the recording has to be saved as Media Player (PC) format that requires a few steps. First click “Produce and Share” button on top of Camtasia screen and it displays a dialogue box. Dialogue box allows picking different types of formats that are compatible with software and devices that you are working with. Media Player 4 only (up to480p) is the format that will work well with Kaltura’s Video Package for Moodle.  Select Media Player 4 only (up to480p) and click next open up to the file saving dialogue box.       The last step is to save the file.  Create the file for the final videos and it is ready to upload in Moodle by using webhosting Kaltura’s Video Package for Moodle.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to produce demonstration videos for my class with Camtasia 8 software and Kaltura webhosting program. I have also enjoyed producing documents that might help other instructors who want to utilize software that I have used for my project.  The final assessment will be conducted at the end of October.

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