Progress of creating demonstration videos: Camtasia 8 & Capture Space

I am currently working on producing the demonstration videos to increase effective class time usage and the availability and ease of access to students who work at their own pace, at the most convenient times.  I have produced six videos, but not yet edited by using Camtasia 8.  Increasing competency with Camtasia software was a very exciting part of these video productions and I have realized what it can offer to students and my colleagues as an educational tool to reach out to a broad spectrum of students.  I have completed my first part, which incorporates both Camtasia 8 and Capture Space that allow me to record CAD lectures professionally and enable advanced editing of the recording, along with other tools to enhance the final product. I am spending a lot of time reviewing and revising to make sure that each step of the demonstration of the tool are clear and that all of my steps will reduce the barriers to communication with students.

Progress of using webhosting: Kaltura

Second step of the project is the finding how I can host these videos to make it available to students and other facility as a learning tool.  I was able to attend the Faculty Professional Development “Stay Digitally Engaged Summer”, offered by Albright on June 25, 2015.  It was very helpful because I was able to use the Kalture web hosting company, which allows uploading videos to Moodle that students and my colleagues can access at their leisure. Additionally, students can also submit videos and video responses through Moddle by using Kaltura software, which allows me to stay connected with students outside of class. Of course, my chief goal is not only educating students who need extra help on using CAD program outside of classroom setting at their convenience, but also I want to share my experiences about producing videos and hosting them into the Moodle with other instructors who wish to incorporate some tips from my perspective and experience.

Motivating Interest: 

Many aspects of this course involve technical know-how to manipulate the program.  With practice and skill development outside of class, both students and the instructor will be able to collaborate in more meaningful and comprehensive ways.

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