Demonstration Video FAS 383 CAD 1

Description of Project: This online demonstration video series is for FAS 383 CAD I. These online demonstration videos will not replace classroom instruction and discussion; rather, they will extend learning opportunities and assessments for skills and content in a format that is accessible online. Ideally, the online demonstration videos will allow students to work at their own pace and at the most convenient times, while providing additional assessment opportunities via four (4) design projects.

What will be achieved by completing this project?
The series will replace the 4th hour rigor requirement, so that students can develop skill sets and techniques they need for design projects. In addition, these online demonstration videos will enable and allow faculty to spend more time with students on developing the aesthetic part of design with regards to product development and artistic impression in class rather than spending class room hours explaining residual technical information. Students gain an understanding in the classroom discussion and practice while they are in the classroom, although retention is often short-lived. These online demonstration videos will reinforce classroom instruction and practice and help them to work independently in a private environment.

Potential Areas of transportability to other departments or teaching endeavour: This project will result in significant teaching and learning impacts with regards to utilizing market-focused software programs common in the fashion industry. Furthermore, these online demonstration videos will guide the students in step-wise fashion, enabling the instructor to assist and reference errors and alternative approaches in a systematic manner. The opportunity to isolate and practice skills required for success in the area of study in a private, self-paced process with immediate feedback will positively impact students. In addition, faculty can adjust course plans according to the assessment provided by the demonstration videos, making the course more productive for students. Finally, online demonstration videos will be available in the future for both students and faculty. These online demonstration videos will be stored in Kaltora, video hosting platform provided by IT and all online demonstration videos will be accessible in Moddle.

Motivating Interest: Many aspects of this course involves technical know-how to manipulate the program.  With practice and skill development outside of class, both students and teacher will be able to collaborate in more meaningful and comprehensive ways rather than detailing the technical protocols necessary.

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