A Big Step

Between my 2 big summer conferences (I just returned from one of them), I hope to complete my main project, a Facilitators’ Guide for Program Evaluation that adds the service learning component. I have finally completed my first draft, which incorporates all notes that would allow other instructors to add an applied, service learning component to this course. I will now spend much time reviewing and revising to make sure that everything is clear and that all of my steps to add this component are included. In addition to the Facilitators’ Guide, I will begin compiling student satisfaction data from when I piloted this experience. At one time I had hoped to include satisfaction data from the program we assisted, but none of the service providers completed the survey, in spite of all giving me a glowing review of the experience when we spoke. I suspect that one of the barriers with helping a program that is under-resourced and under-staffed is that service providers in that program may not have time to take optional assessments after the experience. I have IRB-approved satisfaction surveys for students and service providers so that should this service learning Program Evaluation occur again, we will be able to attempt to get more satisfaction data. Other than not having satisfaction data from the service providers we assisted, I am not hitting any other roadblocks in my summer project.

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