Juggling tasks

This summer’s initiative has, thus far, included a one-day online Captivate 7 training session and the beginning development of an interactive module to introduce – or onboard – students to the Campus Radio News field reporter role. I have broadened the scope of the project to include reading Michael Allen’s Guide to E-learning and taking a free online MOOC. So, what I am most familiar with is now ¼ of project; the time is productive while feeding my own need to learn and explore the unknown.

Real-time shifts in perspective and production have resulted. After outlining what I believe is the critical information for the first module, Allen’s discussion on content vs. learner perspective sent me back to reconfigure the sequence and form of the module, while exploring functionality of Captivate and attempting to keep the creative alive.

I find myself fully immersed in putting theory and content into a student-usable format with no notice of time. While I could edit and revise this first module many times over, I have made Friday the end date for this first draft. Next, I will need to figure out how to create a version I can share with colleagues for input.

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