Oraganizing and Moving Along! :)

I am taking some time today to write my second blog for my Teaching and Learning grant. Since my first blog, I have been reviewing materials from when I piloted the Program Evaluation course with a service learning component. I was teaching a great cohort of students in Pottstown and found a wonderful social service program in Pottstown with directors that were thrilled to get an evaluation (since they were so busy that they would have never found the time to do this). The cohort had a great time doing the project and the program was very appreciative of our final report. Now, I need to take time looking through my notes of this pilot experience so that I can organize my thoughts for my summer project.

The main part of my summer project is to create a new Facilitators’ Guide for Program Evaluation that adds this service learning component. All Degree Completion Program courses have Facilitators’ Guides to assist instructors in incorporating all course content into an accelerated format (so my goal is to describe the service learning opportunity so that future instructors who wish to add this component have some guidance to do so based on my experience). The original Facilitators’ Guide was completed by Dr. Andrea Chapdelaine, and I have done the most recent revision, so there is currently a Facilitators’ Guide for Program Evaluation that does not incorporate service learning. By the end of the summer, I will produce an additional guide providing an option for instructors who wish to add the service learning component. This guide will include weekly objectives, assignments, weekly lesson plans, grading rubrics, and suggestions for instructors based on the pilot and the student satisfaction data.

For now, I am enjoying my memories of the experience and my organizing all of the notes I took during the experience to produce my final project.

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