Grant awarded to develop ed tech extension for Campus Radio News


Campus Radio News is an active learning initiative of the Albright College Communications Department
resulting in a weekly radio news broadcast during the academic year.
Student field reporters, assistant producers, engineers and content managers
produce segments and staff the show for Fourth Hour of Rigor course credit.

While the launch of Campus Radio News  was successful in terms of producing and delivering relevant content via WXAC and the CRN online news site, engaging Communications student in on-campus media, serving the campus community, and providing active-learning opportunities, some areas for improvement have been identified.

First, while there is often a surface-level understanding of the production and purpose of news, there appears to be a limited knowledge of nuances. Second, the time dedicated to instruction of and instruction style varies across Communications courses.

Students will continue to have classroom experiences exploring communication theory, media issues and industries, public relations & advertising, and journalism. However, these modules will benefit Communications students through multi-modal delivery, hands-on learning and repetitive instruction and application.

This particular initiative will focus on creating the first of two interactive online lessons, each with multiple modules.

Modules are not replacements for classroom experience; rather, they will extend learning opportunities and assessments for skills and content with which students typically struggle and alternative forms of presentation are likely to increase learning. These learning experiences with allow students to work at their own pace interactively with immediate feedback and opportunities to achieve competence at the specific skill while providing faculty additional assessments.

Modules will be developed using Adobe Captivate 7 software.

There are significant teaching and learning impacts for faculty engaged in the project, students registered for the selected courses and potentially for the programs in which these courses reside. Faculty will update development skills and extend pedagogical strategies to a new format. The opportunity to isolate and practice skills required for success in the area of study in a private, self-paced process with immediate feedback will positively impact students. In addition, faculty can adjust course plans according to the assessment provided by the module, making the course more productive for students.

Assessment for the modules will include student feedback and skill development ratings. The feasibility for completion of this project is high with few expenses and highly motivated faculty.

This project will  be shared with Albright’s faculty at the 2015 Teaching & Learning Conference.

Visit the Campus Radio News site

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