sliding across the finish line, just barely in time!

I recently ran a marathon, AND completed my taping and posting of lecture segments for my flipped PSY 100 course.  It was easier, in terms of procrastination, to run the marathon.  The six segments I just posted are due to be listened to by students sometime in the next week, as we sail into the last chapter of our text.  I said running the marathon was easier, but really I should have said that training for running the marathon was easier than completing these 100 some segments of lecturing.  I don’t know why I struggled so to sit and talk, when that is really one of the things I enjoy most about my profession.  So be warned.  Don’t assume that doing that sort of thing ahead of time, on your own, in private, will be easy.  I am heaving a sigh of relief, knowing that I made it in time.  Now I am off to prepare the last week of inclass activities to end this adventure on a high note–that part seems easy now!

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