Learning Module is Live

The ABCD’s of Learning Objectives is posted on the Education website. Follow this link. It is located at the bottom of the navigation bar. It is It will also be posted on the teaching and learning page of the academic website in the near future. Martha has proofed it 3 times. She made some suggestions, which I implemented, and the tutorial is ready for her secondary methods class. They will be using it over the next few weeks as they prepare to go to into the classroom and begin to write lesson plans for this experience.

The final product is a little different than I envisioned. The narration that I want to add isn’t there but since that isn’t a requirement of Martha or part of the initial planning, I thought it best to put the program live for her asap. Adding the narration proved tricky as it interfered with some of the timing of the animation that appeared on the screens.  The quizzing is also not as elaborate as I envisioned but the time that these 10 simple questions took was more than I expected. Quizzing could be tied into Moodle but that wasn’t a requirement. I also wanted this to be placed on the website and outside of Moodle so it would be public for anyone to view.

Planning is really key for a project like this. I would like to attempt another one, perhaps next summer. That means I would start planning the content earlier in the spring and not do everything over the summer.

Learning Captivate was a goal and this project helped me accomplish that. I like the idea of creating these learning modules and the templates and quiz feature of Captivate make that possible. Having a review for the students was Martha’s goal and that was accomplished.

Whew….I did it!

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