Captivate and Me

Since the weather  has ruined my planned day of soaking up some rays at the pool,  I decided to work on my project this afternoon. The last time I did a project similar to this, I was working with an entire team of people. We had an instructional designer, graphic artist, programmer, and  project manager. I have assumed all 4 roles for this learning modules grant and have to keep switching hats for the various parts. So far the instructional (really, the review portion) of the learning module is about 12 slides. Probably a few more will have to be added, such as instructions, but the majority of the teaching part is done. Now comes the quizzing. I am planning on adding at least 10 slides where students will practice the art of identifying  concrete, specific, and measurable learning objectives. My SME (subject matter expert) for this project is out of town for a few weeks so I will put together as much as I can, finishing after she returns from her vacation. I have also asked Bev Mech to review portions of the project as I start the quizzing process. Since captivate is creating a large SWF file, I am going to approach IT next week and figure out how to ftp and store this so I can share it and get feedback. It is too large for email and for dropbox or googledrive, I think. The project is more of a challenge than I thought it would be in some ways. The software has changed a lot since I last used it many years ago, and the learning curve is steeper than I thought it would be. I keep having to watch the videos over again as I create different parts to the tutorial because there are so may options available. The lynda videos also don’t go as far in depth as I would like and I think I will write another tutorial in the near future after I have learned even more of what this software can do. I also wish I had more of a creative side when it comes to art and graphics. The tutorial is very text based, which I think will be ok since this is a review of material the students should know. But if this were all new material that the students were experiencing for the first time, I would need to be more creative in the presentation.

I still want to narrate through the tutorial so it is more accessible to people with different learning styles, and that part is going to take so much time. I will use some of Julia’s tips from her last blog when it comes to adding the audio portion.

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