And so it begins…I have now started the storyboarding process for my project. I keep referring back to the original goal, which is to reinforce something that has already been taught. This means that I am not doing any new teaching of the content but reviewing how to write objectives, something that the education students have already done in at least one methods class. I think I am over thinking how much content to include and just need to reinforce with a small review of material and then follow up with examples and practice.

Martha gave me some materials she uses for secondary methods and they include the ABCD method of writing objectives. I also found a few links online where people discuss using this method and also color-code the various parts of examples to illustrate the point. That is what I am going to do in the beginning of the tutorial so users will see how the different parts fit together.

I finished all the videos at the end of June. Then vacation hit and a new course started 2 weeks ago. Hopefully I will be done storyboarding by the end of next week (July 26 perhaps) and can then begin entering all of the information into Captivate by July 29th.

Since this is the first time I am using Captivate to create a stand alone tutorial I have decided to use one of their templates. That will make the design easy to work with as well as consistent across all the screens. I am also going to make this tutorial as accessible as possible and hope to include audio options on every page. That is going to make the project a little more complicated. If I run out of time, I should be able to go back in and add that option later. But since I am teaching about UDL (universal design for learning) in my summer course, I am going to try to do this as I go along.

More later…

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