Flipping HIS 153-US Since 1865

At long last I have joined the blog! I have already recorded a semester’s worth of lectures, and over the past couple of weeks I have viewed some iMovie tutorials, done some more reading about the theory (such as it is) and practice of flipping classes, and recorded additional lectures from my summer session HIS 207, History of US Popular Culture. In the coming weeks I will have more to write about the process of editing and planning, and I will be reviewing the steps I have taken to get to this point. Look for links to relevant articles and sites, and as I develop them, links to the online modules I create. At this very early stage I am even more convinced that DIY (do it yourself) is a viable, and to my way of thinking preferable approach to incorporating technology into the classes I teach-why work for content providers when you can work for yourself and your students? (more about that later, I am certain.)

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