Course Extension Modules

That’s the official title of the grant proposal that was accepted for my summer teaching and learning award. One of my colleagues, Professor Richardson, sees her students struggle with writing learning objectives that are concrete, specific and measurable that utilize higher order thinking skills (HOTS) in their lesson plans in EDU 346, Secondary Methods II as well as during the professional semester. These modules will not replace classroom instruction and discussion; rather, they will extend learning opportunities and assessments for skills and content with which students typically struggle, and alternative forms of presentation may increase learning. Ideally, the modules with allow students to work at their own pace, be interactive, provide immediate feedback and provide multiple opportunities to achieve competence at the specific skill while providing faculty additional assessments.To do this, I will use Adobe Captivate to create stand-alone course modules to be used by students on a just-in-time basis. Professor Richardson will be my subject matter expert (SME).

Right now I envision 3 short learning modules to accomplish this. Professor Richardson has already shared some content with me and we have discussed an initial strategy. I will storyboard out each module prior to creating it in the software. However, before I start any storyboarding of the learning modules, I will need to learn Adobe Captivate. This software will allow me to design the interactive tutorials and also gives me the ability to add quizzing throughout to give students feedback as they proceed through the modules. Currently I have an older version of the software and am waiting for the installation of the updated version. I will be using Albright’s account to learn the software.

I can’t take complete credit for this initial project idea. The grant was to be a collaboration between myself and Professor Rakus in the Communications department. However, only the portion of the grant dealing with learning objects received initial funding this year. I am hopeful that this could be a model for the communications department to use and expand upon in the future, thereby keeping the spirit of collaboration alive as stated in the initial proposal. And I will miss my fellow collaborator! It’s always more fun to work with a partner. More to come…

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